The Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2019

10 May 2019
The Yearbook on Europe

The European Union has not been spared the crisis of political representation. Since it is continually growing from a political point of view, it has been even more sensitive to this than others. Brexit, the re-emergence of nationalism and even xenophobia are challenging its values and its laws.

Caught between Chinese ambition and American withdrawal, will Europeans succeed in sharing a path their own common path, to acquire the strategic dimension which is lacking from their power to influence?

Progress in the area of defence, the reform of the euro area, the strengthening of trade defence instruments all show that they are now aware of what is at stake. Also, the Franco-German couple, which suffered opposition for a long time, still appears vital to a continent which has hesitated in defending itself, and especially in promoting its model of society. Will Europe be able to achieve its strategic autonomy and assume its identity more resolutely?

In 2019 the renewal of all the European institutions is the occasion for in-depth thought regarding the present state of the Union, the opportunities it has to be more independent and to have greater influence in the international arena, thanks to the links it can create between Member States. In this regard do we not have to have the courage to revise certain common policies before we invent any new ones?

The governance of the common institutions is often criticised. Is it legitimate and what should be changed? Before even looking into what we have to share, what must our common political goals be? For Europe the time has come again for taboo-free, open debate, to which everyone now has to contribute.

This is the aim of the Schuman Report on Europe 2019, a reference work for European decision makers, which has collated this year contributions from the best experts.

The book also provides 35 original maps which summarise the main European issues and a unique series of commented statistics, which are particularly useful to gauge the European Union's strengths and weaknesses.

The Schuman Report 2019 on the State of the Union provides a comprehensive view of the European Union.

Directed by Pascale Joannin, it is published by Marie B in the collection Lignes de repères.

Available online on the Amazon website.

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