The Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2022

25 May 2022
The annual reference book on Europe is available in digital format.

The 13th edition provides a comprehensive view of the European Union at a time when, after the financial crisis and the pandemic, it is facing a new challenge on a scale not seen since 1950: the return of war to the continent.

The European Union's resilience has greatly improved. Now, in all situations, European action, a common or at least concerted policy, is taken into consideration. Europe is on the move, for a long time to come and probably forever. It progresses as the difficulties arise, but also as the needs and values of Europe become clearer.

The Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2022, is, more than before, a relevant and vital tool for understanding the reality of European integration, its progress and its challenges. Featuring original maps and a unique set of annotated statistics, it is the best way of providing a unique and practical tool for analysing Europe for the greatest number of people possible.

The Schuman Report 2022 on the State of the Union, edited by Pascale Joannin, is published by Marie B in the collection Lignes de repères.

Available in digital format.

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