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Visit of American students from A&M University (Texas)
France - 01/07/2001
The Robert Schuman received about thirty students from A&M University that were in Paris for a study abroad program on Europe, that led from Normandy to Germany, visiting Brussels, Scy-Chazelles and Strasbourg along the way.
Presentation of the website
France - 12/06/2001
"25 millions of European students were invited to participate on March 4-8, 2002, in the first online election of their 50 representatives within a European Student Council. This initiative was presented on June 12 by Eu-studentvote and its president, Franck Biancheri, in the premises of the Robert Schuman Foundation, which supported this initiative."
European Union - 31/05/2001
3rd Franco-German talks of Sarrebrück.
Paris - M. Raimundas Lopata
France - 29/05/2001
Paris visit of M. Raimundas Lopata, Director of the Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences of the University of Vilnius.
Visit in Paris of a group of youth from the Robert Schuman Institute in Budapest
France - 29/05/2001
Jean-Dominique Giuliani and the staff of the Robert Schuman Foundation welcomed 19 European youth, future leaders of the new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, for a training session on French and European institutions designed to give them a new perspective on European integration.
Estonian accession to the European Union
France - 29/05/2001
The heads of the Foundation received, as part of a visit in France partly funded by the Foundation, about fifteen Estonians officials that came to Paris to meet their French counterparts, so as to prepare the integration of their country in the European Union.
Conference on security in Europe at Vilnius
European Union - 27/04/2001
Round-table on security in Europe- French and Lithuanian standpoints
France - 24/04/2001
The Robert Schuman Foundation helped a group of 20 youth from the International Kölping Society (association affiliated with the Council of Europe) to come to France for a training session.
France - 23/04/2001
Presentation in Strasbourg of the Bulgarian translation of Robert Schuman's book "For Europe" to the Council of Europe with a number of personalities in attendance.
France - 06/12/2000
Round-table on European governance at Nice