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Relations between Europe and Korea
World - 20/05/2010
On 20th May 2010 the Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation Jean-Dominique Giuliani went to Seoul in South Korea and participated in two conferences on relations between the European Union and Korea.

The Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani took part in two conferences in Seoul (South Korea):
- the first conference took place on 25th May at the Franco-Korean Chamber of Trade and Industry; it focused on relations between the European Union and Korea : "EU and Korea: how far have we got?"

- the second conference took place at the SERI (Samsung Economic Research Institute) and focused on the economic and financial crisis.

The Foundation's chairman then went to the Embassy of France in South Korea. He also met with young people from the National University of Seoul, believed to the most prestigious university in South Korea.

Conference at the Chamber of Trade and Industry

Conference at the SERI

At the Embassy of France

At the National University of Seoul