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What political future is there for Ukraine?
France - 21/06/2013
On 26th June the CERI organised a debate together with the Robert Schuman Foundation on "What is Ukraine's political future?" Robert Schuman Foundation Chair, Jean-Dominique Giuliani spoke alongside Vitaly Klichko, Chairman of OUDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform) and Christian Lesquesne, Director of the CERI.

Christian Lequesne and Jean-Dominique Giuliani firstly introduced Vitaly Klichko, a former world boxing champion but now Chairman of the Ukrainian opposition party OUDAR.
Mr Klichko explained that the fight against corruption and Ukraine's entry into the European Union were still his two main priorities. In his opinion there is no alternative to the European option and to the European model for his country. He declared that he wanted the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine to be signed as quickly as possible, in other words before the end of the year. He recalled that one of the pre-conditions for the signature of this agreement was the liberation of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Vitaly Klichko also said the opposition was targeting the presidential election of 2015 so that an alternative policy could be introduced, since victory was only possible if the opposition parties stood together.
As far as the fight to counter corruption was concerned he advocates the end of "privileges" for MPs. He also hopes to introduce an impartial legal system and wants to reduce the close links between the business and political worlds in Ukraine.

C. Lequesne, V. Klitschko, J.-D. Giuliani

Vitali Klitschko

Jean-Dominique Giuliani

Christian Lequesne