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European Union
Economy and Security: bringing Europeans together?
European Union - 07/10/2021
As part of the preparations for the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) is organising, on the initiative of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a hybrid conference on economic and security issues in Europe.

As the EU is progressively exiting the Covid crisis, it finds itself in an economic and strategic landscape that is very different from two years ago. EU economic and defence policies are two of the most important topics the Union will have to address in the coming months, especially under the French EU Presidency starting on 1st January 2022. How can the 27 reconcile their different approaches and make the EU fit for challenges ahead? This Finnish-French event is a contribution to the upcoming debates.

*** Speakers ***
Opening remarks:
- Mika Aaltola, Director, FIIA

- Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman, the Robert Schuman Foundation
- Pascale Joannin, Managing Director, the Robert Schuman Foundation
- Päivi Puonti, Researcher, Etla Economic Research
- Niklas Helwig, Leading researcher, FIIA

- Juha Jokela, Programme Director, FIIA

*** When ***
Thursday 7 October 2021, at 2.30-4pm (1-3pm CET)

*** Livestream via the link ***
The event will be livestreamed at FIIA's Youtube-channel.