The State of the Union 2024


24 May 2024 to 24 May 2024 - Europe

Pascale Joannin will be one of the panelists of the 14th edition of The State of the Union which will take place in Florence from Thursday, 23 May, to Saturday 25 May 2024. Global leaders and experts from across sectors, students, policy makers and journalists will gather at the European University Institute to reflect on the most pressing issues on the European agenda. The event forecasts two conference days and one additional day celebrating European art and culture in the framework of the upcoming EU elections.

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Badia Fiesolana, Florence, Italy

The conference tackles a range of key themes including future enlargements of the European Union, demography, democracy and the rule of law, industrial policy, as well as the digital and green transitions, all of which will play a crucial role in the run-up to the European elections in June 2024. Sustainability emerges as a central focus, with discussions revolving around transitioning to green energy to promote regional cohesion and combat climate change. Digital transformation represents another challenging area of discussion, where experts analyse strategies for enhancing competitiveness, establishing a strong digital public infrastructure and navigating the complexities of AI and blockchain regulation. Moreover, the conference addresses pressing issues including strengthening democracy, countering foreign interference, and addressing the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Middle East.

Pascale Joannin, General Manager of the Robert Schuman Foundation will be one of the speakers of the round table discussion "The 2024 European elections: A crossroads for democracy".

In June around 400 million EU citizens will go to the polls to cast a vote that will have a momentous impact on Europe’s future. Once again, the elections will represent a crucial moment for the European Parliament to underline its role in legitimating a multilevel democratic political system. How do we make sure that people are able to and interested in participating in the European elections? What role will party-political dynamics play at the national and European levels? How do we ensure free and fair elections, not affected by major disinformation campaigns and foreign interference?

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  • Silvia Kotanidis, Policy Analyst, Citizens' Policies Unit, EPRS
  • Pascale Joannin, Managing Director, Robert Schuman Foundation
  • Michaela Del Monte, Head of Citizens' Politicies Unit, EPRS
  • Alexander Trechsel, Professor, University of Lucerne
  • Moderateurs

  • Etienne Bassot, Director, Directorate Members' Research Service, European Parliament
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