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Towards a painless & frictionless Brexit

15/10/2018 The absence of agreement over the UK's withdrawal from the EU, which would have provided for an orderly Brexit, could very well lead to some serious difficulties for the transport industry. The free flow of merchandise between the EU and the UK could be seriously affected. Whilst the negotiations between the Union and the UK enter their final phase, Jacques Gounon, CEO of Getlink, the company operating the Channel tunnel reminds us of this. More than 1.6 million lorries transit yearly via the Tunnel. The end of the simplified customs procedure would have major impact on logistics flows, which, beyond the neighbouring countries, will affect all of the Member States and the smooth functioning of the Single Market. He hopes for a "frictionless relationship", which in the best scenario would still heavily penalise economic interaction on the continent.
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The Christian Social Party comes out ahead in the general elections in Luxembourg but is not sure to return to office

15/10/2018 The Christian-Social Party (PCS/CSV), led by Marc Spautz came out ahead in the general elections on 14th October in Luxembourg with 28.31% of the vote and 21 seats. It pulled ahead of the Socialist Workers' Party (POSL/LSAP), member of the outgoing government coalition and chaired by Claude Haagen, with 17.6% and 10 seats. The Democratic Party (PD/DP) of outgoing Prime Minister Xavier Bettel won 16.91% and 12 seats (-1), the Greens/Dei Greng (PD-DG), member of the outgoing coalition, 15.12% and 9 seats (+3). The Alternative Democratic Reformist Party (ADR) won 8.28% and 4 seats (+1), the Left/Dei Lenk (LG/DL) 5.48% and 2 seats (=). Finally, the Pirate Party (PPLU) will be making its entry into parliament with 6.45% and 2 seats. Everything now depends on knowing who will form the government: will the CSC return to office and with which partners or will the outgoing coalition make it and get back into power?..
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Outgoing President of the Republic, Michael D Higgins, favourite for a second mandate as head of Ireland on 26th October next

01/10/2018 The Latvians are convened to ballot on 26th October to elect the President of the Republic. Outgoing president Michael D Higgins will be running against five candidates. The most recent poll by RED C, published in The Sunday Business Post on 16th last forecasts an easy victory for outgoing President Higgins in the election with 67% of the vote. Sean Gallagher is due to come 2nd with 15% of the vote, ahead of Sinn Fein candidate, Liadh Ni Riada, who is due to take 7% of the vote and Gavin Duffy with 6%.
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Social Europe: from slogan to reality

After the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights in Göteborg in 2017, the Union was supposed to establish three priorities, for functional reasons but also on the grounds of political legitimacy: promoting upward convergence in social standards and performance; guaranteeing fair mobility for its citizens and investing in European Human Capital.
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Harmony comes out ahead in the general election in Latvia but is not guaranteed to be in the next government

Harmony (S), a left leaning party led by Nils Usakovs came out ahead in the general elections on 6th October in Latvia. The party won 19.8% of the vote, taking 23 seats (-1 in comparison with the previous election on 4th October 2014) in the Saeima, the only house of Parliament.
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Our publications in September

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The European Parliament, heart of the European Democracy

The Foundation organised three events in Warsaw, Budapest and Strasbourg on this issue together with many MEPs and prestigious guests. Download the summary reports of these meetings.
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Schuman Report 2018, State of the Union.

09/05/2016 The 9th edition analyses the challenges Europe faces. With the contribution of the best experts, an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, original maps and commented statistics, the Schuman Report 2018 on the state of the Union offers a complete view of the European Union.
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Permanent Atlas of the European Union

23/02/2017 With its 28 Member States and its 510 million inhabitants the European Union is the leading economic power in the world. And yet when people speak of it, they only mention the problems experienced in its construction and it remains largely misunderstood. This edition of the Atlas of the European Union is a work of reference that presents the Union, its institutions, each of its Member States and their overseas territories via their history, their culture and their reality. With over 50 maps, original information sheets and synthetic statistics, it offers a unique view of Europe and is accessible to all.
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Consultation on the Future of Europe

As part of the citizens' consultations initiated by the President of the French Republic and organised throughout the European Union, the European Commission has launched an online consultation. The Robert Schuman Foundation supports this approach by organising and participating in various events in France and in the European Union.
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European news
  • The Commission is to negotiate with the USA over imports of beef
    On 19th October the Council gave the Commission permission to launch negotiations with the USA regarding the import of hormone free beef. The aim is to settle a dispute at the WTO, the solution of which was found in 2009 and revised in 2014, thereby creating a quota of American hormone free beef imports which no longer satisfies the USA.
  • ECJ: Poland must suspend its judicial reform of the Supreme Court
    In an opinion published on 19th October the EU's Court of Justice (ECJ) asked for the "immediate suspension" with retroactive effect of the measures taken regarding the reduction of the age of retirement of the judges in the Polish Supreme Court. Following the Commission's action with the Court the latter deems that provisional measures are necessary given the urgency of the situation in terms of the Commission checking de facto and de jure its concerns regarding the infringements being made to the Union's law. This suspension will be maintained until the end of the procedure and the Court's final decision.
  • Conclusions of the 12th Asia-Europe Summit
    During the 12th Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM) on 19th October European and Asian leaders stressed the importance of fulfilling the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and acknowledged that climate change was "a serious challenge". They renewed their commitments for the non-proliferation of chemical weapons and denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. They insisted on the importance of multilateralism in world governance. They discussed the opportunities provided by greater connectivity between the two continents. Their exchanges also focused on women's rights, access to education and migration.