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The grand turning point

30/07/2018 Jean-Dominique Giuliani analyses the major changes ongoing in the world which are forcing Europe to rise to new challenges, starting with those concerning its unity and its independence.
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Our publications in July

27/07/2018 The Foundation has published in July the following studies:
- Strength in unity, the rebirth of a geopolitical fact by Michel Foucher
- Western Balkans-European Union: Between internal cohesion and external stability by Pierre Mirel
- the vital cultural struggle over values byThierry Chopin & Lukas Macek
- The European Parliament, Heart of European Democracy
- The grand turning point by Jean-Dominique Giuliani
- NATO-without-the-USA by Jean-Dominique Giuliani
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The European Parliament, heart of the European Democracy

The Foundation organised three events in Warsaw, Budapest and Strasbourg on this issue together with many MEPs and prestigious guests. Download the summary reports of these meetings.
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Schuman Report 2018, State of the Union.

09/05/2016 The 9th edition analyses the challenges Europe faces. With the contribution of the best experts, an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, original maps and commented statistics, the Schuman Report 2018 on the state of the Union offers a complete view of the European Union.
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Permanent Atlas of the European Union

23/02/2017 With its 28 Member States and its 510 million inhabitants the European Union is the leading economic power in the world. And yet when people speak of it, they only mention the problems experienced in its construction and it remains largely misunderstood. This edition of the Atlas of the European Union is a work of reference that presents the Union, its institutions, each of its Member States and their overseas territories via their history, their culture and their reality. With over 50 maps, original information sheets and synthetic statistics, it offers a unique view of Europe and is accessible to all.
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Consultation on the Future of Europe

As part of the citizens' consultations initiated by the President of the French Republic and organised throughout the European Union, the European Commission has launched an online consultation. The Robert Schuman Foundation supports this approach by organising and participating in various events in France and in the European Union.
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Thematic File on UK-EU Relations

29/03/2017 British Prime Minister Theresa May has engaged on March 29 the triggering of article 50 TEU starting the process taking the UK out of the EU, six months after a referendum on June 23 2016. The Robert Schuman Foundation offers its readers an information file on the main questions set by this new page of the relations between the UK and the EU.
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Immigration: information file

08/09/2015 The repeated drownings in the Mediterranean have led to an emergency situation regarding the European migratory question. According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), more than 1,750 migrants perished in the Mediterranean between January and April 2015, ie more than 30 times the figure in the same period in 2014. Given these repeated catastrophes an extraordinary European Council was organised on 23rd April and ten new measures were put forward on 20th April by the European Commission including stepping up surveillance operations and rescue at sea. The Robert Schuman Foundation is offering its readers an information file on the theme of immigration, that brings together its publications on this issue in order to review the development of these events in Europe.
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European news
  • Migration: the Commission proposes regional sharing of responsibilities
    On 24th July the Commission developed an idea of controlled centres as well as short term measures to improve the processing of migrants arriving in the EU. These measures aim to introduce regional measures of disembarkation with third countries aim to guarantee a real sharing of regional responsibilities.
  • Indepth investigation regarding the purchase of Gemalto by Thales
    The European Commission, guardian of competition opened an indepth investigation on 23rd July regarding the purchase of Gemalto, the manufacturer of smart cards, by the French Thales group, a specialist in defence electronics. In a press release the European executive challenges the possible consequences of this merger, which might in its opinion, cause the rise in price of products and reduct client choice in Thales-Gemalto's sector of activity.
  • Sweden and Greece: European solidarity in the fight to counter fires
    Sweden asked for help from the European Civil Protection Mechanism to fight the dozens of forest fires that have been raging in the country for the last few days. Stockholm has already received a great deal of support. Greece did the same with the fires that have been ravaging the environs of Athens.