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How Can We Achieve Europe's Ambitions in terms of Research?

One year after the Council conclusions on its governance, the European Research Area (ERA) requires a change of mindset so that resources are no longer scattered and fragmented across twenty-seven different systems.
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Europe needs a new investment plan

Faced with an energy crisis that began long before the war in Ukraine, European industry is in danger of relocating massively in the face of rising costs. To cope with this, the Union must launch a major investment plan to cap the price of electricity and subsidize critical industries, writes Jean-Dominique Giuliani.
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Will the new generation be up to the task of succession?

For the new generation, born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, peace was a matter of course, until the invasion of Ukraine brutally signalled the return of war to the continent. It must rise to an improbable challenge: to return to the sources of the European project and at the same time give it a new profile and a real capacity to act in an unstable and divided world.
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Our publications in November

The Foundation published the following studies in November:
- Will the new generation be up to the task of succession? by Isabelle Marchais
- The Letter n°1000 by the Robert Schuman Foundation
- Energy: great hope for the 21st century by Jean-Luc Alexandre
- What is President Putin afraid of? by Francisco Juan Gomez Martos
- Natasa Pirc Musar becomes the first female President of the Republic of Slovenia by Corinne Deloy
- Left-wing forces narrowly win Danish general elections by Corinne Deloy
- Protecting Europe by Jean-Dominique Giuliani
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The Letter n°1000

For the past 22 years, and for the 1000th time, the Foundation has been providing its readers with a comprehensive summary of the week's European news, not only in the institutions, but also in the Member States and from elsewhere in the world. With this weekly newsletter, which also highlights our studies, publications and public events, we strive to keep informed our readers about Europe, to enlighten on current issues and to anticipate those of tomorrow.
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Energy Crisis: European Measures

In response to rising energy prices, Member States and the European Union have taken measures and developed plans to reduce consumption. The Foundation offers you a map to understand the situation. It will be regularly completed and updated.
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Retirement Systems in the European Union

Pension systems are regularly the subject of debate in the Member States and discussions at European level because of their weight on budgets and the demographic evolution of Europe. While each country has its own system, the Foundation provides a comparative table to better understand the situation in each country and the issues involved.
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The Robert Schuman Foundation launches a Ukrainian version of its newsletter

The Foundation's unique newsletter offers a comprehensive summary of European news to over 200,000 readers every week. From Tuesday 20 September, the Foundation also publishes its newsletter in Ukrainian, which now has 6 language versions (French, English, German, Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian).
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Access the Foundation's studies on Ukraine

Since its creation the Robert Schuman Foundation has been interested in Ukraine, its relations to the European Union and its geopolitical stakes. The Foundation makes a compilation of studies available that it has published on this neighbouring country of the Union.
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Brush up on your knowledge of Europe

In order to make Europe better known the Robert Schuman Foundation is making a political map available online on which all the governments in place in the Member States are visualised as well as three tables on the place of women within governments, national parliaments and the European Parliament. In this file, the Foundation also proposes an interactive map with fact sheets of the 27 Member States of the European Union and its neighbours.
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Map of the European Recovery Plans

In order to respond to the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Union has set up a €672.5 billion recovery fund, known as the Recovery and Resilience Facility, to be used by member states in the form of grants and loans. The first plans were adopted in July. The Foundation provides you with an interactive map of the plans country by country, to find out more about the amounts, timetables and priorities.
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The Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2022

The 13th edition analyses the challenges facing Europe. With contributions from leading personalities and the best experts, original maps and annotated statistics, the Schuman Report on the State of the Union 2022 offers a comprehensive view of the European Union. Available in digital format.
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Permanent Atlas of the European Union

30/04/2021 The Robert Schuman Foundation has published a new edition of its Permanent Atlas of the European Union. The third edition of this unique book provides a comprehensive and easily accessible overview of the Union, the euro area and each of the 27 Member States. It summarises historical milestones and political and statistical realities of the Union and offers more than 50 physical and geopolitical maps of Europe.
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The Big Shift

Contrary to popular discourse, Jean-Dominique Giuliani shows that the European Union has the means to address the new challenges of the 21st century. Europe has succeeded beyond the expectations of its founding fathers. It can still succeed in guaranteeing its place among the three greatest powers in the world by the end of the century.
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The Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary!

30 years ago, on 21st February 1992, the creation of the Robert Schuman Foundation was announced in the Journal Officiel. On the occasion of this anniversary we would like to share with you some of its first documents to retrace its history. The President of the Foundation Jean-Dominique Giuliani gives us his testimony. And to take you back to 1992, we offer you a little quiz. Thank you for your loyalty and support.
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European news
  • Poland: new President of the Supreme Court
    Polish President Andrzej Duda appointed Judge Malgorzata Manowska to head the Supreme Court on 25 May. The appointment has been strongly criticised by legal experts and the opposition because Ms Manowska, a former deputy justice minister, is close to the ruling Law and Justice Party. Poland has already been threatened with sanctions by the European Union for its attempts by the government to take control of the Supreme Court.
  • European Economic Area Council meeting
    On 25 May, the members of the European Economic Area (EEA) Council discussed the functioning of the EEA and the consequences of Covid-19 for the internal market. They reiterated their commitment to continue the energy transition and the fight against pollution, as well as their desire to reduce social disparities and improve working conditions. They also exchanged views with Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier on the discussions between the Union and the United Kingdom.
  • Adoption of support measures for the air and rail sectors
    The Council definitively adopted on 25 March the support measures for the air and rail sectors proposed by the Commission on 29 April. These measures allow a temporary suspension of the air transport licensing system in the event of financial difficulties, make air traffic restrictions easier for Member States to implement and enable airports to extend unloading service contracts until 2022. With regard to rail, the Regulation extends the period of implementation of the 4th railway package.