Open panel Open panel
Berlin Security Conference
European Union - 28/11/2017
On November 28th, Jean-Dominique Giuliani is attending the Berlin 16th Congress on European Security and Defence. He will participate to a round table dedicated to "A changing world order - Europe's role and reponsibilities".
Forum Home affairs
European Union - 23/11/2017
On 23rd November a conference on the European migratory policy is taking place in Prague as part of the internal security forum in which Charles de Marcilly, the manager of the Foundation's Brussels office is taking part
Europe Day at ESCP
France - 10/11/2017
On 10th November, ESCP europe organises an event on Europe. Jean-Dominique Giuliani, President of the Foundation, will be one of the speaker.
Europe after Brexit: New Opportunities for Democratic Politics?
France - 09/11/2017
On 9th & 10th November, Espol Lille organises a conference on Europe after Brexit. This conference examines the political implications of Brexit for Europe. Thierry Chopin, Director of Studeis of the Foundation, will be the discutant of the first roundtable.
Weimar Triangle and Visegrád Group: What contribution to the future of the EU?
European Union - 26/10/2017
On 26th October in Bratislava, Charles de Marcilly, Manager of the Foundation's Brussels office is taking part in a conference entitled "Weimar Triangle and Visegrad Group: which contribution to the future of the European Union?"
Audition at the European Parliament
Brussels - 28/09/2017
On 28 September, Charles de Marcilly, head of the Foundation's Brussels office, was heard by the European Parliament's Committee on Constitutional Affairs on sub-groups of Member States.
Our future in the age of new transatlanticism
Brussels - 26/06/2017
The Antall József Knowledge Centre and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies organised on June 26 a workshop about the new transatlantic relations in Brussels iwith the participation of Charles de Marcilly.
Profiling the European union in Times of Change
European Union - 08/06/2017
The office of the Konrad Ademauer Foundation in Spain and Portugal organises a European Roundtable from 7 to 9 June in Lisbon about how to safeguard and strengthen the UE's values, principles and institutions? with the participation of Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation.
The Year of Europe: Dutch and French Election Results in Focus
European Union - 29/05/2017
The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, the Foundation for a Civic Hungary and Nézőpont Intézet are organising a joint workshop on 29th May 2017 on the assessment of the results and background of recent elections in the Netherlands and France. Pascale Joannin, General manager of the Foundation, will talk about the French election.
A 'New Wave' Expected After French Elections?
Brussels - 22/03/2017
The Foundation and the Martens Centre organise a conference on March 22nd in Brussels about the outcome of the French presidential election notably for the future of the European Union.