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On 26 September, Germans will vote to elect their MPs and indirectly choose who will succeed Angela Merkel after 16 years in the Chancellery. To understand what is at stake in these decisive elections for Germany and the European Union, you can find on this page the Foundation's publications and the debates we are organising around this election, as well as our interventions in the media and resources on the programmes of the main parties.

Our Publications
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Who will succeed Angela Merkel? Germany in a state of uncertainty three weeks before the federal elections

European Issue - 07/09/2021

The German federal elections on 26 September will bring a new Chancellor to office, as Angela Merkel, Chancellor since 2005, is not standing for re-election. Beyond the person who will be chosen for this position, the question is to determine which government coalition can be negotiated and put in place. With three weeks to go before the election, several scenarios, with different political positions, and perhaps for the first time with three parties, are possible.

Germany turns the page post-Merkel

European Issue - 26/04/2021

Angela Merkel, who has headed the German government since 2005, will step down after the federal elections on 26 September. The election also heralds a profound change in the political landscape, with the Christian Democrats seeking to renew their candidates, the Social Democrats losing ground and the Greens representing an alternative force for the first time.

Our Events
Events organised by the Robert Schuman Foundation on the elections in Germany


Who will be the next German chancellor and with which government coalition?
On Tuesday 14 September, the Foundation is organising an online debate on Germany and its federal elections which will take place on 26 September. DFI Director Frank Baasner, former German Ambassador Joachim Bitterlich and correspondent Hélène Kohl will analyse the issues at stake in the elections and discuss the political future of a Germany with a new Chancellor and a new government. (Please note that this event will be held in French.)




Germany turns the Merkel page
The Foundation organised an online debate on Germany and its political future with DFI Director Frank Baasner, former Ambassador Joachim Bitterlich and correspondent Hélène KOHL. (Please note that this event was held in French.)

Media Interventions
Media interventions by members of the Robert Schuman Foundation on the German elections

Two tough defeats of her coalition cloud the beginning of Angela Merkel's dismissal from power

Archyde - 15/03/2021

In an article published by the news platform Archyde, Jean-Dominique Giuliani reacts to the results of the German party CDU at regional elections in two German Länder.

So blickt die Welt auf die Bundestagswahl

Der Tagesspiegel - 13/09/2021

Eric Maurice was quoted in the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel in an article on the German federal election and possible consequences for Europe.