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The Letter n°1000
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Tuesday 22nd November 2022
issue 1000
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For the past 22 years, and for the 1000th time, the Foundation has been providing you with a comprehensive summary of the week's European news, not only in the institutions, but also in the Member States and from elsewhere in the world. With this weekly newsletter, which also highlights our studies, publications and public events, we strive to keep you informed about Europe, to enlighten you on current issues and to anticipate those of tomorrow. If we are celebrating this 1000th Newsletter, it is thanks to you, our readers and subscribers, who follow us every week and encourage us to continue this work, which is now available in 6 languages, including Ukrainian. A thousand thanks to you!
Letter n° 1000

European News
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Foundation : Energy Crisis, European Measures
To tackle rising energy prices, Member States and the European Union have taken measures. On 14 November, Luxembourg detailed a number of measures including capping electricity prices at 2022 levels if annual consumption is below 25,000kWh. In Slovakia, the government announced a price cap of €199/MWh for electricity and €99/MWh for gas. The Foundation offers a map to help clarify everything. It is regularly completed and updated... Read more

Ukraine/Russia : Visits by Rishi Sunak and Valdis Dombrovskis in Kyiv
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hosted Commission Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis in Kyiv on 18 November, thanking him for the military and financial support provided by the European Union. He stressed the need to consider Russia as a terrorist state. On 19 November, he welcomed British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who restated the UK's support for Ukraine and announced £50 million in defence aid, including 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology to counter deadly drones... Read more
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Convictions for the destruction of flight MH17
On 17 November, the Dutch court in Badhoevedorp sentenced two Russians and a Ukrainian to life imprisonment for the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014, which killed 298 passengers and crew. A third defendant of Russian nationality was acquitted. All three individuals were linked to Russian-backed separatist forces... Read more
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NATO and G7 Declaration after the missile strikes in Poland
On the margins of the G20 summit, NATO and G7 leaders expressed their assistance to Poland in the investigation of the missile strikes in eastern Poland on 15 November. They also repeated their unwavering support for Ukraine and condemned the recent missile attacks against it... Read more

Defence : Meeting of Defence Ministers
On 15 November, the Defence Ministers discussed the need to increase investment in the development of European military capabilities. They addressed the issue of joint arms procurement. The Ministers officially launched the military mission in Ukraine and were informed about the military situation on the ground. They discussed a possible operation in Niger to help with maintenance and logistics. They also approved the UK's participation in permanent structured cooperation on military mobility. They also approved an increase in the budget of the European Defence Agency for 2023... Read more
Coordinated Annual Defence Review
The European Defence Agency's annual "CARD" review, which includes various defence recommendations, was handed over to defence ministers on 15 November, calling on them to consolidate European cooperation. Isolated spending and reliance on external suppliers further fragment European defence cooperation and effort... Read more
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The warplane of the future: agreement on the SCAF
France and Germany announced on 18 November an agreement between the industrial groups Dassault and Airbus to launch the next phase of development of the future air combat system (SCAF), the construction of a demonstrator. The agreement has yet to be formally confirmed and signed by the manufacturers this week... Read more

Space : Launch of the Moon mission Artemis I
NASA's new rocket lifted off on 16 November from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to validate the Orion module in which astronauts will travel to the Moon in a few years' time. The Orion module is the result of a long collaboration between NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency. The spacecraft is unmanned for this first flight, which will last 25 days. However, the Artemis mission aims to eventually establish a manned base on the surface of Earth's natural satellite... Read more
Iris, a new satellite system to protect connectivity in Europe
The Council and Parliament reached a provisional agreement on 17 November on a regulation that aims to provide secure connectivity for Member States through the construction of a European satellite constellation, Iris. By 2027, it will provide both government and commercial services to ensure affordable internet access in Europe... Read more

Digital : Entry into force of legislation on digital services (DSA)
The Digital Services Act came into force on 16 November introducing new responsibilities for all digital services that connect consumers to goods, services or content, including against illegal content, and strengthening users' fundamental rights in the digital environment. It also gives the Commission new supervisory powers over very large online platforms and search engines. Online platforms have until 17 February 2023 to declare the number of active end-users... Read more
Declaration regarding European values in the digital transition
On 14 November, Member States, the Parliament and the Commission concluded negotiations on the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles, which aims to protect European values in the digital environment. This inter-institutional agreement addresses digital sovereignty and covers a wide range of issues such as privacy, individual control of data, fair working conditions, inclusion and ensuring connectivity. It is intended to serve as a "reference" for all actors developing and deploying new technologies... Read more

Economy : Union Agreement on the 2023 Budget
The Council and the Parliament reached agreement on 15 November on the 2023 budget. Total commitments are set at €186.6 billion, up 1.1% on 2022, and total expenditure is set at €168.6 billion, also up 1%. Almost two thirds of the budget will be spent on cohesion, resilience and values, and on natural resources and the environment. The Parliament and the Council have 14 days to formally approve the agreement reached... Read more
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The monetary policy and a new situation
In a speech to the European Banking Congress on 18 November, the President of the European Central Bank warned of a risk of recession and stressed that the ECB will continue to raise interest rates and will need to "normalise" other monetary policy tools... Read more
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Position on the project to combat economic coercion
The Council adopted its negotiating position on 16 November on the draft instrument to protect the European Union and the Member States against economic coercion by third countries. The Council calls for an implementing power to determine what constitutes economic coercion, and for a stronger role for Member States in deciding on EU response measures... Read more
France 2030: first results
On 18 November, the French government presented a first assessment of the France 2030 plan launched in 2021. 1,752 projects have been supported through calls for projects, for which €8.4 billion has been invested. The programme will represent almost €10 billion in projects by the end of 2022 and €20 billion by the end of 2023. The plan will involve a total of €54 billion over 5 years and is completed by the European recovery plan... Read more
Paris becomes Europe's leading stock market
On 14 November, the total capitalisation of companies listed on the Paris stock exchange ($2,823 billion) exceeded that of companies listed in London ($2,821 billion) for the first time, making the French capital the largest stock market in Europe. This achievement is due in part to the economic difficulties experienced by the United Kingdom after the Brexit and the depreciation of the pound sterling, and in part to the luxury companies of the CAC 40, the main drivers of this rise... Read more

Diplomacy : IAEA resolution on Iran
On 17 November, the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) adopted a resolution on Iran as a result of the country's insufficient cooperation and non-compliance with certain legal obligations contained in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Agency called on Iran to provide technically credible explanations for the presence of uranium particles at three undeclared sites in the country and to declare the location of the nuclear material and/or contaminated equipment that caused them. The foreign ministries of France, Germany, the UK and the US welcomed the adoption of the resolution in a joint statement... Read more
End of COP27
Un accord pour aider financièrement les pays les plus vulnérables pour faire face aux dégâts causés par le changement climatique a été conclu lors de la clôture de la Conférence mondiale pour le climat, le 20 novembre. Il a été décidé de créer un fonds pour les "pertes et préjudices" subis par les pays en voie de développement ainsi qu'un comité de transition chargé de formuler des recommandations pour la mise en œuvre des financements... Read more
Francophonie Summit
The 18th summit of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, which brings together 88 member countries, was held in Djerba on 19 and 20 November, with the theme of "digital technology, a vector for development and solidarity". Some thirty French-speaking leaders gathered on this occasion declared that they wanted to play an "increased role" in the resolution of international crises. They also focused on the economy and discussed the war in Ukraine. France will host the next summit in 2024... Read more
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Indo-Pacific : Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC)
On 18 November, French President Emmanuel Macron and Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced a strategic partnership between their two countries planned for 2024. The French president was the only European invited to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in Thailand this year. On 19 November, APEC's 21 members agreed on a joint statement criticising the conflict and global economic upheaval triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine... Read more
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Cooperation with Australia
On the margins of the G20, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen met to discuss various aspects of their cooperation. The leaders said they would deepen their discussions on Australia's role in supplying gas to the EU. They agreed to give priority to concluding a trade agreement. Condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they pledged to address food insecurity. They reiterated their climate ambitions and agreed to strengthen their cooperation in response to the growing challenges in the Indo-Pacific region... Read more

Asia : Joint declaration by G20 leaders
On 16 November, G20 leaders meeting in Bali adopted a joint statement in which "most members" strongly condemned "the war in Ukraine". The threat or use of nuclear weapons was described as "unacceptable". Furthermore, they say that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a negative impact on the world economy... Read more
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Energy Partnership with Indonesia
On the sidelines of the G20, the European Union and the leaders of the International Partners Group (IPG) signed a partnership with Indonesia on 15 November that sets ambitious climate targets and commits to providing the necessary financing to support the country's energy transition. The aim is to mobilise an initial €19.4 billion in public and private finance over a three-to-five-year period... Read more

Security : Common framework regarding cybersecurity in the European institutions
On 18 November, the Council adopted its position on new rules on cyber security in all EU institutions, bodies and agencies, which aims to improve their response to cyber attacks and other incidents. The proposal focuses on strengthening the mandate and funding of the cyber emergency response team, information sharing and cooperation in the event of an incident and the creation of an inter-institutional cyber security council... Read more
Negotiation of cooperation agreements between between Frontex and the Western Balkans
The Council gave the go-ahead on 18 November for the opening of negotiations with Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia with a view to strengthening their cooperation with Frontex, the border guard agency, and enabling the latter to act throughout their territory to manage migratory flows and combat illegal immigration and crime... Read more

Future of the Union : Opinion in support of Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia's membership of Schengen
The Commission asked the Council on 16 November to fully integrate Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia into the Schengen area. The Commission considers that Bulgaria and Romania meet the requirements thanks to the introduction of new rules and tools. It stressed that Croatia meets the requirements in terms of fundamental rights since the establishment of an independent human rights monitoring mechanism at the borders... Read more
Meeting of European Affairs Ministers
The Ministers for European Affairs met on 19 November and held a hearing on the situation of the rule of law in Hungary. They prepared the December European Council, discussed relations with the United Kingdom and the follow-up to the Conference on the Future of Europe. They also adopted their position on a project concerning the institutions' cyber security... Read more

Council of Europe : Report on Human Rights in the occupied regions of Georgia
On 16 November, the Council of Europe published a report on the human rights situation in the regions of Georgia occupied by Russia since 2008. It notes little progress. The process of "borderisation", access to education and health care "remain of great concern"... Read more
Reports on violence against women
On 15 and 17 November, the Council of Europe's group of experts on combating violence against women and domestic violence presented two evaluation reports on Estonia and Switzerland, which highlight the existence of gaps in the legal frameworks to combat violence against women... Read more
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Eurostat : Inflation rate over 10%
According to figures published on 17 November by Eurostat, the annual inflation rate was 11.5% in October in the European Union, compared with 10.9% in September, and 10.6% in the euro zone, compared with 9.9% in September. The lowest rate was recorded in France at 7.1%, and the highest in Estonia at 22.5%. Energy is the main component of inflation, followed by food, alcohol and tobacco, services and industrial goods excluding energy... Read more
Increase in GDP and Employment
Eurostat reported on 11 November that GDP in the European Union and the euro area increased by 0.2% in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter. In addition, the number of people in employment increased by 0.2% in the euro area and the European Union compared to the second quarter of 2021... Read more

Culture : European Cultural Solidarity with Ukraine
The world of culture is mobilising for Ukraine. Ukrainian composer Fedir Yakymenko will perform in Paris on 15 December in a concert organised by the Association of Friends of Ukrainian Culture in France and the Ukrainian Embassy in France. In the UK, composer Liz Lane has created a facilitated arrangement for brass band of "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" by Ukrainian composer Halyna Ovcharenko. Finally, in Germany, a gospel benefit concert for Ukraine is being held on 26 November at the Oberlinkirche in Potsdam, and another benefit concert is being held on 3 December at the TC Grün Weiß Kray Casino. In Poland, a concert will take place on 3 December and in Spain, the Barenboim-Said Foundation Orchestra will perform with Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv in Seville and Granada on 29 and 30 December... Read more
Yves Klein in Aix-en-Provence
The Hôtel de Caumont in Aix-en-Provence is devoting an exhibition to Yves Klein until 26 March 2023, which focuses on his family, his friends, his workplace, his relationship with his models, his thoughts on his work and the conditions in which he carried it out. Collaborative works and works by other painters are also presented... Read more
Rubens, Van Dyck and Teniers the Younger in Warsaw
Until 1 December, the Royal Łazienki Palace Museum in Warsaw is presenting works by Flemish, Dutch and Italian painters, such as Rubens, Van Dyck, from the collection of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London... Read more
Giuletta Cavalotti in Rome
The Venanzo Crocetti Foundation in Rome is hosting the exhibition "Riflessi ad alta velocità" (Reflections at High Speed) by the contemporary Italian artist Giulietta Cavallotti until 30 November. Her paintings propose an inner journey between art and culture, inspired by photographs taken during her train journeys through Europe... Read more
Margarita Azurdia in Madrid
The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid is dedicating an exhibition to the Central American artist Margarita Azurdia until 17 April 2023. It is a retrospective built around her paintings, sculptures and books. It presents modern art in Guatemala, and the change of style of the artist between 1960 and the 1990s... Read more
Souvenirs of East Germany in Leipzig
The German photographer Bettina Flitner is exhibiting her work until 12 February 2023 at the House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn. Through two photo reports, from 1990 and 2014, the photographer explores the tense period of upheaval in East Germany since 1989, and its repercussions on the present... Read more
Art Deco in Paris
Until March 6 2023, the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris is devoting an exhibition to French and American Art Deco from the late 19th century to the 1930s. This exhibition highlights the French influence on American architecture, art and culture... Read more
Art Week in Vienna
The 18th edition of the Vienna Art Week is taking place until 25 November in the Austrian capital. This year's theme, "defying orders", invites artists to question existing norms and orders in their artistic practice... Read more
Scottish Design Market in Dundee
From 25-27 November, the V&A Museum in Dundee opens its Festive Design Market, offering high quality design products at great prices, including work by some of Scotland's best independent designers and craftspeople... Read more
Contemporary Music Festival in Huddersfield
The International Festival of Contemporary Music is taking place in Huddersfield town until 27 November. It is the UK's largest festival of experimental music, covering a range of genres through concerts, music theatre, dance, multimedia, lectures and films... Read more

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