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The Letter n°714
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Tuesday 3rd May 2016
issue 714
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"A strong, united Europe is a necessity to all of us."
Author : Barack Obama
Barack Obama
The Robert Schuman Foundation has published the speech delivered in Hanover on 25th April by US President Barack Obama to the people of Europe.
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Foundation : A world without Europe?
In an editorial published on his site, Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation, recalled that the world would miss the European Union should it no longer exist... Read more
"Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2016"
The 10th edition (7th in English) of the "Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2016" has just been published and is now available in bookshops, on the Foundation's site and in digital version. It was presented to the European Parliament on 26th April in Brussels and on 28th to the Senate in Paris. Order your copy now!.. Read more

Financial Crisis : Negotiations between IMF, ESM, the BCE and Greece suspended again
Discussions between Athens and the representatives of the IMF, Eurogroup, the ECB and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) started again on 25th April but were then suspended on 26th... Read more
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Migration : Ban Ki-moon "concerned" about the toughening up of migratory policies in Europe
The UN's Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was "concerned" about the adoption of "increasingly restrictive" policies vis-à-vis migrants, as he gave a speech to the Austrian Parliament on 28th April... Read more
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IOM study on economic migration in the EU
The International Organisation for Migration (OIM) published a document on the future of the EU's economic migration policy on 25th April... Read more
European Action in the Horn of Africa
On 28th April the Commission announced 10 new actions to a total of 117 million € to counter illegal immigration and forced displacement in the region of the Horn of Africa... Read more
Austria restricts its asylum law
On 27th April the Austrian Parliament adopted a draft law limiting the initial right to asylum to three years and which also provides for the possibility of a "migratory state of emergency"... Read more
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New approach to support refugees and displaced populations
On 26th April the European Commission proposed a new approach in terms of support of refugees and displaced populations... Read more

Commission : Reduction of telephone roaming fees
Since 30th April the tariff applied to calls, for sending an SMS or for surfing from another Member State (roaming) other than one's own has been reduced. As of 15th June 2017 Europeans will be paying the same price whatever the country they are in when they use their mobile phones... Read more
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"Europe in my region" campaign
On 29th April the Commission launched the "Europe in my region" campaign which aims to encourage citizens to discover the projects that are being financed by the EU near where they live... Read more
Entry into force of new customs union rules
On 1st May new customs duties rules will be entering into force. This will help companies trading in Europe and provide better protection to consumers against illegal or counterfeited merchandise... Read more
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Draft directive on working conditions in the fisheries sector
On 29th April the Commission approved a draft directive to improve working conditions in the fisheries sector... Read more
Status of the negotiations on the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership
On 27th April the Commission published the most recent developments in the TTIP negotiations... Read more
17th round of negotiations of the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)
On 27th April, the European Commission published the report on the 17th round of negotiations over the agreement on the trade of services... Read more

Diplomacy : Adoption of the Union's new integrated policy for the Arctic
On 27th April Federica Mogherini presented the Union's new "integrated policy for the Arctic.".. Read more
Meeting of G7 Energy Ministers
On 2nd May the G7 Energy Ministers agreed on improvements to be made in terms of energy security and on methods to speed up investments to counter instability due to the collapse of oil prices... Read more
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ECB : Interview with the ECB President
On 28th April the German daily "Bild" published an interview with Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank on Europe's economic and financial situation... Read more
ECB: report on financial integration
The European Central Bank published a report analysing financial integration in Europe on 25th April... Read more

European Agencies : Prize awards at the European Institute for Innovation and Technology
On 26th April the European Institute for Innovation and Technology awarded prizes to the best European innovators of the moment... Read more

Germany : Meeting of G5 in Hanover
On 25th April in Hanover Angela Merkel organised a meeting with François Hollande, David Cameron, Matteo Renzi and Barack Obama to discuss the crises of the moment... Read more

Croatia : Croatia promises "difficult" economic reforms
On 28th April the Croatian government promised to launch "difficult" economic reforms after having been reprimanded by the European Commission for the "excessive" imbalances in its economy... Read more

Spain : The King recommends new elections for 26th June
On 26th April the King of Spain, Felipe VI, announced that the Spanish Parliament would be dissolved on 3rd May and that new parliamentary elections would take place on 26th June... Read more

France : Australia chooses France to build 12 submarines
On 26th April Australia chose the French company DCNS, specialised in the naval defence industry to build 12 submarines... Read more

Ireland : Agreement to form a government
The centre right party, Fine Gael, of outgoing Prime Minister Enda Kenny found support on 29th April with Fianna Fail to form a minority government... Read more

Poland : Three former Polish presidents call for the "defence of democracy"
Three former Polish presidents, Lech Walesa, Aleksander Kwasniewski and Bronislaw Komorowski, as well as other personalities, accused the party in office, Law and Justice, of destroying the constitutional order and called for the defence of democracy in Poland... Read more
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UK : A loss of income for Britons if there is a Brexit
The OECD's Secretary General Angel Gurria warned on 27th April that if the Brexit should go a head there would be a loss of income for all Britons... Read more
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Residential criteria for the referendum
The UK's High Court confirmed on 28th April that Britons who had not lived in the UK for over 15 years will not be able to vote on 23rd June... Read more

Ukraine : Ukraine doubles the prize of gas to households
On 27th April Ukraine announced that it was revising its gas tarifs, a measure demanded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)... Read more
30th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe
On 26th April Ukraine commemorated the 30th anniversary of the catastrophe in Chernobyl, the world's worst nuclear accident to ever occur... Read more

Council of Europe : Democracy in Europe threatened by nationalism and populism
Democracy and Human Rights are being threatened by the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe warned the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland on 27th April... Read more
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ECHR : Turkey condemned for religious discrimination against the Alevi faith
On 26th April the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned Turkey, deeming that the Alevi were the victims of "different treatment that was without objective, reasonable justification.".. Read more

Eurostat : GDP growth
Economic growth accelerated in the 1st quarter of 2016, with the GDP rising by 0.5% in the EU and by 0.6% in the euro zone indicated the European Statistics Office Eurostat on 29th April... Read more
Unemployment drops to 8.8% in the EU and to 10.2% in the euro zone
Unemployment declined in March 2016 in the EU to 8.8% and to 10.2% in the euro zone announced Eurostat, the European Statistics Office on 29th April... Read more

Studies/Reports : Quarterly report on the euro zone
On 27th April the European Commission published its quarterly report on the euro zone... Read more
More women on executive boards in Europe
Between 2011 and 2015 the share of women on European companies' executive boards almost doubled rising from 13.9% to 25% on average according to a publication by the EWB... Read more
Publication of confidential documents in the TTIP
On 2nd May Greenpeace Netherlands published 15 confidential documents regarding the TTIP negotiations in a bid to achieve transparency and citizen information... Read more

Culture : 50th Brighton Festival
From 7th to 29th May the Brighton Festival will be hosting both British and international artists will be taking part in many events around the town... Read more
Normandy Impressionist Festival 2016
The Normandy Impressionist Festival is being organised for the third time and will last until 26th September. Several hundred cultural events and shows are on the programme in the region... Read more
International Cartoon Strip Fair
From 5th to 8th May Barcelona is hosting its 34th international cartoon strip fair... Read more
Illusions: science or magic?
Until 5th March 2017 the Museon in The Hague is hosting the exhibition: "Illusions: science or magic?" presenting to the public the most surprising optical illusions and scientific experiments... Read more
James Bond 007 exhibition in Paris
Until 4th September the Grande Halle at the Villette is hosting the "James Bond 007, exhibition" that brings together more than 500 original objects taking visitors into the aesthetic universe of the world's most famous spy... Read more
George Baselitz at the White Cube
The White Cube, the London gallery, a reference in terms of contemporary art, is hosting the work of Georg Baselitz, German painter and sculptor, until 3rd July... Read more

4th May


USA-EU Council on Energy

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Elections of Scotland's Parliament - Elections of the Parliament of Northern Ireland

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Award of Charlemagne Prize to Pope Francis

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European Parliament's Open Days

9th May

Europe Day

9th-12th May


Plenary Session of the European Parliament

9th May

Eurogroup Meeting

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