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Politics and democracy

How not to repeat history: the case of North Korea

Young Gil Song
European Issue n°594 - 03/05/2021

To provide humanitarian aid to the North Korean people and promote future denuclearisation of the peninsula, the European Union should open a diplomatic channel with the regime, says the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Commission of the South Korean National Assembly.

Frank Baasner - Stefan Seidendorf
European Issue n°593 - 26/04/2021
Sarah Brichet - Hugo Chouarbi - Marie Dénoue - Valérian Frossard - Armony Laurent - Nicolas Libert - Anne-Flore Magnuszewski - Pauline Maillard - Juliette Rolin
European Issue n°592 - 19/04/2021
Eric Maurice
European Issue n°590 - 06/04/2021
Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 06/04/2021
Economic integration

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on posted workers: the new posting framework

Sachka Stefanova-Behlert - Martina Menghi
European Issue n°591 - 12/04/2021

The revised Posted Workers Directive came into force as planned in July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. The health situation has led to intensive national inspections and a decrease in the number of postings, creating a danger that Member States will justify national market protection measures on the grounds of public health.

Pierre Mirel
European Issue n°589 - 29/03/2021
Europe and Society

"This exceptional crisis should encourage us to reflect about how we want to shape tomorrow's culture"

Gitte Zschoch
European Interview n°104 - 21/12/2020

Culture has been very much affected by the pandemic, but it is also taking advantage of it to reinvent itself. Because the construction of Europe is also a cultural project, the EU must redefine how to support this development and promote cultural action in the world, says Gitte Zschoch, director of the network of national cultural institutes of the European Union.

Gérard Pogorel - Augusto Preta
European Issue n°559 - 18/05/2020
Blaise Wilfert
European Issue n°556 - 27/04/2020
Enlargement and neighbourhood

Mediterranean Sea: a paradigm of contemporary conflicts

Amiral Jean Casabianca
European Issue n°564 - 22/06/2020

An area of trade and conflict since antiquity, the Mediterranean Sea remains a major crossroads for the interaction of the main strategic competitors. The multiplication of actors, and the inevitable duplicity that goes with it, generate the ambiguity of stated or real intentions. But Europe is best placed to understand this uncertain space and take a more active part.

Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°547 - 17/02/2020
Alexandre Kateb
European Issue n°522 - 01/07/2019
Iris Muraz
European Issue n°508 - 25/03/2019
The European Union and the world

Public development aid must refocus on agriculture and education in Africa

Louis Caudron
European Issue n°586 - 01/03/2021

The European Union, the main provider of official development aid together with its Member States, has created a new Instrument for Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation, with a budget of €79.5 billion for the period 2021-207. In Africa, it should focus more on agriculture and training, particularly for young people, which is a prerequisite for future development. It could also support industrialization, strengthen research or support local authorities engaged in international cooperation actions and, finally, include military spending.

Ekaterina Pierson-Lyzhina
European Issue n°573 - 05/10/2020
Christian Lequesne
European Issue n°568 - 20/07/2020