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Politics and democracy

The opposition (right) led by Igor Matovic wins the legislative elections in Slovakia

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 03/03/2020

The Party of Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OL'aNO), a right-wing party led by Igor Matovic, allied to New Majority (Nova), led by Gabor Grendel, won the parliamentary elections held on 29th February in Slovakia. The party won 25.02% of the vote and took 53 of the 150 seats in the National Council of the Republic (Narodna rada Slovenskej republiky), the only chamber of Parliament, which is 34 more seats than in the previous parliamentary elections held on 5 March 2016.

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 18/02/2020
Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 11/02/2020
Economic integration

Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021-2027 : democratic illusion, do we stop or carry on ?

Jean Arthuis
European Issue n°551 - 16/03/2020

After the failure of the February European Council devoted to the Union's budget for 2021-2027, the discrepancy between the political proclamations and the budgetary sham has become intolerable. Jean Arthuis, former chairman of the Budgets Committee, believes that the European Parliament, which may face an irreversible take it or leave it agreement, can legitimately ask for more time. As for the budget, it should be rethought around the idea of European public goods".

Henri Thomé
European Issue n°548 - 24/02/2020
Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°547 - 17/02/2020
Gilles Lepesant
European Issue n°546 - 10/02/2020
Europe and Society

Military naval industry: the urgent need for European consolidation

European Interview n°99 - 23/03/2020

In order to cope with increasing competition from Asia, Russia and the United States, and to influence the export markets that are crucial to its activity, the European military shipbuilding sector must coordinate and move towards greater industrial integration, according to Hervé Guillou, Chairman and CEO of Naval Group in an exclusive interview for the Foundation.

Françoise Grossetête
European Issue n°550 - 09/03/2020
Stefanie Buzmaniuk
European Issue n°541 - 23/12/2019
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
European Issue n°537 - 25/11/2019
Enlargement and neighbourhood

Challenges facing the CAP over the next decade

Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°547 - 17/02/2020

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will enter the next decade relieved by Brexit of its fiercest opponent but weakened by the external pressures to which it has been subjected, and disrupted by the enlargement of the European Union.

Alexandre Kateb
European Issue n°522 - 01/07/2019
Iris Muraz
European Issue n°508 - 25/03/2019
The European Union and the world

The State of the Transatlantic Relationship in the Trump Era

Anna Dimitrova
European Issue n°545 - 03/02/2020

Anna Dimitrova is an Associate Professor of International affairs at ESSCA School of Management (Paris) and a researcher at the EU-Asia Institute of ESSCA. She is also a guest lecturer at CIFE (Centre international de formation européenne).

Francisco Juan GÓMEZ MARTOS
European Issue n°540 - 16/12/2019
Léonard Colomba-Petteng
European Issue n°536 - 18/11/2019
Cecilia Bellora
European Issue n°526 - 09/09/2019
Jean-Paul Betbeze
European Issue n°523 - 08/07/2019