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Politics and democracy

The Christian Social Party comes out ahead in the general elections in Luxembourg but is not sure to return to office

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 16/10/2018

The Christian-Social Party (PCS/CSV), led by Marc Spautz came out ahead in the general elections on 14th October in Luxembourg with 28.31% of the vote and 21 seats. It pulled ahead of the Socialist Workers' Party (POSL/LSAP), member of the outgoing government coalition and chaired by Claude Haagen, with 17.6% and 10 seats. The Democratic Party (PD/DP) of outgoing Prime Minister Xavier Bettel won 16.91% and 12 seats (-1), the Greens/Dei Greng (PD-DG), member of the outgoing coalition, 15.12% and 9 seats (+3). The Alternative Democratic Reformist Party (ADR) won 8.28% and 4 seats (+1), the Left/Dei Lenk (LG/DL) 5.48% and 2 seats (=). Finally, the Pirate Party (PPLU) will be making its entry into parliament with 6.45% and 2 seats. Everything now depends on knowing who will form the government: will the CSC return to office and with which partners or will the outgoing coalition make it and get back into power?..

Jacques Gounon
European Issue n°488 - 15/10/2018
Economic integration

The Sword and the Market - a Defence Union would strengthen European economic integration

Valerie Herzberg - Edouard Vidon
European Issue n°486 - 01/10/2018

European political and economic integration can only move forward on the basis of a share diagnosis involving missing factors, and an area of agreement regarding its mutual benefits. By obliging the Member States to pool their ressources regarding goals they have defined together, new defence industry initiatives would help accelerate the convergence of their economies.

Dominique Perrut
European Issue n°478 - 25/06/2018
Alain Lamassoure
European Issue n°477 - 18/06/2018
Nicolas-Jean Brehon
European Issue n°476 - 11/06/2018
Benoit Coeuré
European Issue n°468 - 03/04/2018
Europe and Society

Social Europe: from slogan to reality

Sofia Fernandes - Frank Vandenbroucke
European Issue n°487 - 08/10/2018

After the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights in Göteborg in 2017, the Union was supposed to establish three priorities, for functional reasons but also on the grounds of political legitimacy: promoting upward convergence in social standards and performance; guaranteeing fair mobility for its citizens and investing in European Human Capital.

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse - Lucien Castex
European Issue n°484 - 17/09/2018
Thierry Chopin - Lukáš Macek
European Issue n°479 - 02/07/2018
Yves Bertoncini
European Issue n°471 - 23/04/2018
Jean-Michel Boussemart - Michel Godet
European Issue n°462 - 12/02/2018
Enlargement and neighbourhood

The Salzburg Summit: A Salutary Shock?

Sir Michael Leigh
European Issue n°485 - 24/09/2018

The meeting between European leaders in Salzburg on migration gave rise neither to breakthroughs or breakdowns. This informal summit also illustrated the mistrust felt vis-à-vis London, which is creating additional uncertainty regarding the negotiation result, whilst time is pressing and the deadline of 29th March 2019 draws closer. In Michael Leigh's opinion however the Salzburg Summit might have provided the salutary shock for Brexit and have recalled the urgency in providing new impetus to negotiations as they enter their final phase.

Victoire d'Humières
European Issue n°472 - 30/04/2018
The European Union and the world

Developing a common civil aviation strategy: vital to guarantee Europe's interests in the international arena

Julien Lebel
European Issue n°482 - 03/09/2018

Whilst the various political entities across the world support the development of a powerful aviation industry to gain influence and profile in the international arena, Europe seems to be lagging behind in this respect. In a competitive, expanding context of soft power on the part of ambitious third countries, the Member States and the Commission do however have every interest in guaranteeing the long-term of airline connectivity on the European continent, which contributes to the influence of EU players at international level. It is therefore vital for Europeans to be aware of the challenges they face and coordinate a true strategy together.

Michel Foucher
European Issue n°481 - 16/07/2018
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Arnaud Danjean - Françoise Grossetête - Thierry Tardy
European Issue n°474 - 22/05/2018
Victoire d'Humières
European Issue n°472 - 30/04/2018
Thierry Tardy
European Issue n°455 - 11/12/2017