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Politics and democracy

Covid-19 crisis and European mobility: What lessons? What future?

Nicolas Blain
European Issue n°604 - 19/07/2021

The ability to travel, a pillar of European integration, has been challenged by the pandemic and is undergoing profound transformation. From urban mobility to travel between Member States, transport policy is now linked to the dual digital and climate transition.

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 29/06/2021
Economic integration

Fit for 55: Towards the realisation of an ambitious European political compromise for the climate

Clémence Pèlegrin
European Issue n°603 - 05/07/2021

On 14 July, the Commission is due to present measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% in 2030 compared to 1990, the target set by the climate law adopted in April-May by the Parliament and the Council. These measures, known as "fit for 55", should both extend and deepen the current scope of the EU's climate action.

Ramona Bloj - Marion L'Hote
European Issue n°596 - 17/05/2021
Olivier Marty - Damien Ientile
European Issue n°588 - 22/03/2021
Marie-Claire Considère-Charon
European Issue n°583 - 08/02/2021
Europe and Society

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on posted workers: the new posting framework

Sachka Stefanova-Behlert - Martina Menghi
European Issue n°591 - 12/04/2021

The revised Posted Workers Directive came into force as planned in July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. The health situation has led to intensive national inspections and a decrease in the number of postings, creating a danger that Member States will justify national market protection measures on the grounds of public health.

Ramona Bloj
European Issue n°587 - 08/03/2021
European Interview n°103 - 14/12/2020
Eric Maurice
European Issue n°578 - 30/11/2020
Enlargement and neighbourhood

From the Barcelona Process to the Mediterranean Programme, a fragile Partnership with the European Union

Pierre Mirel
European Issue n°601 - 21/06/2021

Twenty-five years after the launch of a major initiative for peace, stability and prosperity around the Mediterranean basin, the European Union is trying to develop a new strategy in the region. The Commission's Mediterranean programme proposes a series of relevant actions, but they only partially address the situation, without sufficient resources.

Pierre Mirel
European Issue n°589 - 29/03/2021
Stefanie Buzmaniuk
European Issue n°585 - 22/02/2021
Ekaterina Pierson-Lyzhina
European Issue n°573 - 05/10/2020
The European Union and the world

Participating in European sovereignty through law

Hugo Pascal
European Issue n°602 - 28/06/2021

A "new geopolitics of norms" is taking shape, with as yet poorly understood contours, of which the extraterritoriality of American law is one expression. The European Union, with its single market and its regulatory power, must find its place in order to assert its sovereignty.

Ramona Bloj
European Issue n°598 - 31/05/2021
Young Gil Song
European Issue n°594 - 03/05/2021
Sarah Brichet - Hugo Chouarbi - Marie Dénoue - Valérian Frossard - Armony Laurent - Nicolas Libert - Anne-Flore Magnuszewski - Pauline Maillard - Juliette Rolin
European Issue n°592 - 19/04/2021
Eric Maurice
European Issue n°590 - 06/04/2021