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Politics and democracy

Presidential election of extremely uncertain outcome in Slovakia Where the outgoing head of State, Andrej Kiska is not standing again

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 19/02/2019

On 10th January Andrej Danko (National Party SNS), leader of the National Council of the Republic (Narodna rada Slovenskej Republiky), the only house of parliament, announced that the Slovaks would be called to ballot on 16th March next for the first round of the presidential election. If none of the candidates running wins over half of the votes cast on that day (which is highly likely given the high number of people standing in this election), a second round will be organised two weeks later, i.e. on 30th March.
On 15th May 2018, outgoing President of the Republic Andrej Kiska announced that he did not want to stand for a second mandate.

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 12/02/2019
Dimitris Avramopoulos
European Issue n°497 - 17/12/2018
Becuwe Nicolas - Emmanuel Rivière
European Issue n°496 - 10/12/2018
Eric Maurice
European Issue n°494 - 26/11/2018
Economic integration

The Agricultural Policy and the challenge of subsidiarity

Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°503 - 18/02/2019

Whilst on 23rd February the international Agricultural Fair is opening, the Foundation has published a study by Bernard Bourget on the new Common Agricultural Policy with questions regarding the reduction of the budget and the application of the subsidiarity principle. Will the choices made for the common agricultural policy for the years 2021-2027 will be part of the continued dismantling of this European policy or will they provide it with in meaning again? In the negotiations that are now approaching the European Parliament will have a crucial role to play.

Olivier de Laroussilhe
European Issue n°502 - 11/02/2019
Dominique Perrut
European Issue n°500 - 28/01/2019
Bruno Le Maire
European Issue n°490 - 29/10/2018
Paolo Casalino
European Issue n°489 - 22/10/2018
Europe and Society

The fight to counter disinformation and to protect journalists

David Alandete
European Issue n°498 - 14/01/2019

Russian propaganda media are already working full out to influence the European elections on May 2019. Across the EU journalists need protection against increasing interference in the work and against the attacks that aim to undermine institutions via the denigration of their work.

Marianne Thyssen
European Issue n°493 - 19/11/2018
Sofia Fernandes - Frank Vandenbroucke
European Issue n°487 - 08/10/2018
Constance Bommelaer de Leusse - Lucien Castex
European Issue n°484 - 17/09/2018
Thierry Chopin - Lukáš Macek
European Issue n°479 - 02/07/2018
Enlargement and neighbourhood

From a common vision to concrete achievements: towards United Balkans in a United Europe

European Issue n°499 - 21/01/2019

After its ratification by the Macedonian Parliament on 11th January, the agreement on the change of name of the "Republic of Northern Macedonia" now has to be approved by the Greek Parliament for it to enter into force. This is a major step for Europe and the Western Balkans at a time when foreign influence in the region is increasing. From Chinese investments to Russian and Turkish intervention, the future of the agreement highlights the challenges faced by the European Union and the opportunities available to it, writes the Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov.

Sir Michael Leigh
European Issue n°485 - 24/09/2018
Victoire d'Humières
European Issue n°472 - 30/04/2018
The European Union and the world

What European response to American extra-territoriality?

Philippe Bonnecarrère
European Issue n°501 - 04/02/2019

Off we go on the quest of the Europe that protects. Have the American economic sanctions against Iran had a so-called extraterritorial effect and are they challenging European sovereignty? Yes. Does Europe have to respond to this? Yes. And does it have the means to do this? Probably, and it has just taken the first step in this direction.

Patrick Allard
European Issue n°495 - 03/12/2018
Michel Foucher
European Issue n°481 - 16/07/2018
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Arnaud Danjean - Françoise Grossetête - Thierry Tardy
European Issue n°474 - 22/05/2018