The European Elections Monitor

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The European Elections Monitor
Politics and democracy
Since 2002 the Robert Schuman Foundation, together with the best experts, has offered full, detailed information about the elections in Europe comprising Member countries as well neighbouring states. In this way readers are able to improve their understanding of citizens' lives elsewhere on the continent.
With every election our analysts inform you in two distinct ways:
A reminder of the last election results, an analysis of the political parties involved, major themes in the campaign and the issues at stake.
Results are given with detailed comments and analyses of the vote.
When required the Foundation offers an overview of the electoral campaign and a summary of the polls one week before the election (D-7).

For the European Elections, it offers you a European analysis that includes the specific features of the campaign in each Member State.
This European monitor is prepared by Corinne Deloy
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5th February 2023 - Cyprus
Presidential Election
13th & 14th January 2023 - Czech Republic
Presidential Election
1st round
Analysis | Results
2nd round