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The Letter n°942
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Tuesday 29th June 2021
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Participating in European Sovereignty through the Law
Author : Hugo Pascal
Hugo Pascal
A "new geopolitics of norms" is taking shape, with as yet poorly understood contours, of which the extraterritoriality of American law is one expression. The European Union, with its single market and its regulatory power, must find its place in order to assert its sovereignty.
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Elections : Bulgarians are to go to the polls again on 11 July
New parliamentary elections are being held in Bulgaria on 11 July after the 4 April vote failed to produce a stable government majority. Boyko Borisov, Prime Minister since 2014, is not standing for re-election. According to the latest polls, his party, GERB, is expected to take the lead with 21.7% of the vote, ahead of the party There is Such a People, which is expected to win 20.2%. The Socialist Party is due to take third place with 16.1%... Read more

Foundation : The Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2021
The 2021 edition of the "Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union", a reference work for European decision-makers, has just been published in French and English by Marie B. The contributions by top experts and personalities offer an assessment of European achievements and new solidarities in the context of the pandemic, as well as a broad view of Europe's role in the world. It is available in hard copy in French in bookshops and on our website, and in digital version in French and English. Order your copy of it... Read more
The Permanent Atlas of the European Union is now available
The new edition of the 'Permanent Atlas of the European Union' has been published by Marie B. This book reflects the latest political and economic changes in the European Union and its Member States. With more than 50 maps, texts and thematic sheets, the Atlas summarises the essential history and political and statistical realities of the Union. It is available in paper version in French in bookshops and on our website, and in digital version in French and English. Order your copy of it... Read more
Belarus: chronology of a revolution in progress
The EU has extended sanctions against Belarus with sectoral measures, in particular on trade and financial services. EU leaders called once again for an end to repression, the release of political prisoners and the organisation of free elections. To follow the crisis since the rigged presidential election of August 2020, the Foundation offers you a chronology of events and links to European responses and initiatives... Read more
Map of health measures and travel conditions in Europe
The European certificate comes into force on 1 July. The wearing of masks has not been compulsory outside in Spain since 26 June, and since 28 June in Italy, where the curfew has been lifted in the last remaining region. Since 27 June, bars and restaurants in Belgium have been allowed to stay open until 1 a.m., and close contact is allowed for up to 8 people. Portugal, on the other hand, suspended the lifting of restrictions due to an increase in cases. Germany has imposed restrictions on arrivals from Portugal and Russia. To follow developments and to know the conditions of entry in the different EU Member States, the Foundation offers a complete map of the measures in place. An essential, regularly updated resource for you to understand the situation... Read more

European Council : Conclusions of the European Conseil
EU leaders meeting on 24-25 June discussed the management of the pandemic, migration policy, relations with Turkey and Russia. They expressed their concern about the respect of the rule of law in Turkey. They emphasised that the EU is open to a "selective dialogue" with Russia, but stressed the need for a coordinated response to Russian "destabilising" activities. They discussed cyber security, the recovery plan, the situation in Belarus, the Sahel and Ethiopia, as well as fundamental rights in Hungary. At the Euro Summit, they discussed the coordination of budgetary policies and underlined their support for the Capital Markets Union... Read more
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Commission : Towards the creation of a joint cyber security unit
On 23 June, the Commission proposed the creation of a joint cyber security unit to strengthen the response to large-scale incidents affecting public services, businesses and citizens in the EU. An effective exchange of information, a coordinated response and a European platform for solidarity and assistance are needed to prevent and respond to cyber incidents. The Commission also presented the implementation report of the cyber security strategy... Read more
Competition: new inquiry into Google
The Commission opened an investigation on 22 June to determine whether Google is engaging in anti-competitive behaviour in the online advertising technology sector by favouring its own ad serving technology services. The investigation will examine whether Google is limiting third party access to user data while retaining it for its own use, thereby distorting competition. The aim will be to ensure that Google respects and enforces competition law and data protection legislation... Read more

Parliament : 2020 Report on the Rule of Law
On 24 June, in their assessment of the Commission's 2020 rule of law report, MEPs highlighted an erosion of the Union's values and the need to improve the situation. They call on the Council and the Commission to take decisive action to remedy this deterioration of the Union's values, which can be observed in several Member States, such as Hungary and Poland. It stresses the importance of making this report part of a permanent mechanism with specific recommendations... Read more
High Performance Computing Project
On 24 June, MEPs adopted the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking project. They stress the importance of the project for the strategic autonomy of the Union and the strengthening of value chains... Read more
Climate Law
On 24 June, MEPs adopted the climate law that was informally agreed with the Council in April. The law transforms the political commitment of the European Green Deal, which states that the Union must become climate neutral by 2050, into a binding obligation, and sets a target of reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990. The text was finally adopted by the Council on 28 June... Read more
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Council : Aviation agreements with Qatar, Ukraine, Armenia and Tunisia
On 28 June, the Council approved the signing of three Neighbourhood Agreements on international aviation with Ukraine, Armenia and Tunisia. These agreements allow for the lifting of market access restrictions and the association of these countries with the EU's internal aviation market, if they meet European standards. The Council also approved an air transport agreement with Qatar, which places it on an equal footing with all 27 Member States by improving the rules and standards applicable to flights between Qatar and the EU... Read more
Conclusions regarding Maritime Security
On 22 June, the Council adopted conclusions on the role of the EU in strengthening its role as guarantor of maritime security in the world. The aim is to provide an urgent collective response to the growing implications of climate change for international stability, and to step up efforts to increase the resilience of maritime sectors to cyber attacks. The Council supports the implementation of the pilot project of the concept of coordinated maritime presences in the Gulf of Guinea, and welcomes the development of the common information sharing environment for maritime surveillance... Read more
Provisional agreement on the new CAP
The Council and Parliament reached a provisional agreement on 25 June on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy for 2023-2027. The new CAP aims to strengthen environmental measures and includes provisions to ensure more support for small farms. Discussions focused on the minimum budget for direct payments for environmental programmes, the mandatory minimum level of internal convergence, redistribution, the social dimension and the alignment of the programme with the Green Deal. The provisional agreement was approved by the agriculture ministers on 28 June, but it still needs to be formally adopted by the two co-legislators after some formatting work... Read more
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Diplomacy : New economic sanctions against Belarus
On 24 June, the Council introduced new sanctions against the Belarusian regime following the forced landing of a Ryanair flight, the detention of journalists, human rights violations and the violent repression of the democratic opposition and civil society. Targeted sanctions include restrictions on trade in petroleum products, potash and goods used in the production or manufacture of tobacco products. Access to European capital markets is restricted for Belarusian entities, the European Investment Bank is suspending its programmes in the country, and it is now prohibited to provide insurance or reinsurance services to Belarusian entities... Read more
EU-USA Ministerial Meeting on Justice and Security
At a ministerial meeting on 22 June, EU and US representatives discussed transatlantic cooperation and information exchange in the fight against terrorism, extremism and hate speech, migration and asylum. They stressed the importance of exchanging passenger name record (PNR) data, combating illegal online content and cybercrime... Read more

Court of Auditors : Report on the CAP and the Climate
The Court of Auditors pointed out on 21 June that the EU's agricultural funding in the 2014-2020 period, averaging €100 billion, has not achieved the desired objectives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, which have not decreased since 2010. The report highlights a problem with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which does not encourage the use of certain efficient climate-friendly practices... Read more

European Agencies : New Space Programme and Partnership with ESA
On 22 June, the European Union signed a financial partnership framework agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) to launch its new programme. The agreement represents an EU investment of almost €9 billion over the period 2021-2027 and defines the roles of the Commission, ESA and the EU Space Programme Agency (EUSPA) respectively. Commissioner Thierry Breton announced the official launch of the new European space programme with a budget of €13.2 billion for the period 2021-2027... Read more
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New rules for the European Ombudsman
On 23 June, MEPs adopted, with the approval of the Council and the favourable opinion of the Commission, new rules governing the functions of the European Ombudsman. These rules will make it easier to launch and deal with new enquiries, especially in cases of repeated, systemic or particularly serious maladministration. They also clarify the conditions for access to documents relating to cooperation with the authorities of the Member States and the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union... Read more
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Germany : Bundestag approves SCAF funding
On 23 June, the Bundestag's Budget Committee approved funding for the next stage of development of the European Future Combat Aircraft (SCAF), a project led by France, Germany and Spain. This provides €1.3 billion to finance the construction of a flight demonstrator by 2027... Read more
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Berlin Conference on Libya
The second Berlin Conference on Libya was held on 23 June with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in attendance. It aims to support a sustainable stabilisation of the country by addressing the remaining challenges in Libya, such as the organisation of elections, the implementation of the ceasefire, economic recovery and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Two topics were on the agenda: the implementation of the roadmap adopted by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum for the holding of national elections on 24 December 2021, and the full implementation of the October 2020 ceasefire agreement... Read more

Spain : Pardon for nine Catalan secessionists
Nine Catalan pro-independence activists, convicted in 2019 for their involvement in the attempted secession of Catalonia in 2017, were released on 23 June. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had announced on 21 June that he was authorising their pardon by the King. The pardon does not lift the sentence of ineligibility to which they had been sentenced. It is also "conditional" on them not committing a "new serious offence"... Read more
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France : Consultative Meeting on the Antarctic Treaty
At the 43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, held in Paris from 14 to 24 June, the 54 States involved discussed research and international scientific cooperation in the Antarctic, as well as the exercise of inspection rights under the treaty. They adopted a declaration reiterating their commitment to the principles and objectives of the treaty, in particular with regard to environmental protection... Read more
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Regional and departmental elections
At the end of the second round of regional elections in France on 27 June, marked by an abstention rate of 65.7%, all outgoing regional presidents were re-elected. The right won 8 regions, 7 of which were in mainland France, and the left won 8, 5 of which were in mainland France. Neither the République en Marche, the party of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, nor the Rassemblement National (extreme right), nor the Greens won any region. The second round of departmental elections also resulted in a victory for the forces of the right, which won at least 64 of the 90 departments... Read more
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Malta : Inclusion on the FATF grey list
On 23 June, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) placed Malta on its grey list of countries under watch for money laundering and terrorist financing. The FATF has called on the Maltese authorities to increase the focus of financial intelligence on tax evasion and money laundering, to increase the transparency and accuracy of the register of beneficial owners and to ensure clearer roles for supervisory bodies... Read more
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Sweden : Resignation of the Prime Minister
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced his resignation on 28 June, a week after losing a vote in Parliament. The Speaker of Parliament now has a mandate to initiate talks with party leaders to form a new government that can secure a parliamentary majority. If the talks fail, early elections will be held... Read more
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Kosovo : Meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron hosted Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on 23 June. They discussed the health crisis and the deepening of their security cooperation. E. Macron expressed his support for the reforms undertaken by Kosovo to meet the economic, social and democratic criteria for EU membership and invited A. Kurti to do everything possible to normalise relations with Serbia... Read more
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Montenegro : 13th meeting of the Union Accession Conference
At the 13th meeting of the Accession Conference with Montenegro, held on 22 June, the revised enlargement methodology aimed at reinvigorating the process was discussed. The meeting aimed to strengthen the dialogue with Montenegro to focus on the key reforms that should help it move forward in the accession process... Read more

UK : Appointment of new DUP leader
Jeffrey Donaldson, Member of the British Parliament, was elected leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the main unionist political force in Northern Ireland, on 22 June. He replaces Edwin Poots, who resigned on 17 June due to internal disputes... Read more
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Serbia : 12th meeting on the Union Accession Conference
The 12th meeting of the Accession Conference with Serbia took place on 22 June. This was the first meeting since the Council approved the revised enlargement methodology. The Union welcomed Serbia's ambition to open the negotiating chapters on competitiveness and growth, environment and sustainable connectivity... Read more

Council of Europe : Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly
The summer plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe took place from 21 to 24 June. Discussions focused on the situation in Belarus and Crimea, the issue of migration and media freedom. Members also organised an event on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention... Read more
Report on Detention Conditions in France
On 24 June, the Council of Europe's Anti-Torture Committee published its report on the conditions of detention in French prisons. It points out the poor conditions of detention, the overcrowding of prisons and the lack of beds in psychiatric units for people in care without consent... Read more
Per country data on the execution of decisions
On 24 June, the Council of Europe published a new series of fact sheets on the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights by Member States. For each of the last 10 years, the sheets present the number of new cases, pending cases and closed cases. They have been produced to promote transparency in the execution of judgments and to facilitate access to information for interested parties... Read more

Culture : European Museum Night
France and Italy are organising their own European Museum Night on 3 July. In Rome, the Ostia Antica archaeological park is offering an exceptional night-time opening of Julius II's castle. The Florence Academy Gallery, which houses Michelangelo's famous David, is also opening its doors. In Ravenna, the artist Carla Chiusano presents works dedicated to four queens of the city at the National Museum of Ravenna. In Paris, the Picasso Museum, the Guimet Museum and the Grand Palais offer specific programmes. Lyon's museums are also offering tours, according to themes, creative workshops and other activities... Read more
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Giacometti at the Maeght Foundation
From 3 July to 14 November, the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul de Vence is presenting the exhibition "The Giacomettis: a family of creators". On display are sculptures by Alberto Giacometti, paintings by his father Giovanni and his cousin Augusto, as well as works by his brothers Diego and Bruno... Read more
Exhibition of Villa Medici Fellows
Until 8 August, the French Academy in Rome is holding its annual exhibition of the Academy's fellows at the Villa Medici. The exhibition brings together the work of 16 artists, creators and researchers, ranging from painting to sculpture, photography, architecture, sound creation, art history and theory, musical composition, plastic arts and literature... Read more
Franz Hubmann and artists in Vienna
From 2 July to 10 October, the Albertina Museum in Vienna is presenting an exhibition devoted to the portraits of artists by Franz Hubmann (1914-2007), one of the most important Austrian photographers of the post-war period. A selection of portraits of artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Giacometti and Warhol, taken between the 1950s and 1990s, demonstrate Hubmann's interest in the human face and its expressions... Read more
Agnieszka Polska at the Vistula Museum
Agnieszka Polska's latest work, "The Thousand Year Plan", will occupy the eleven-metre high exhibition hall of the Vistula Museum from 2 July to 19 September. The film, shown on two screens, takes an innovative look at the early post-war years. From the very beginning, electricity has inspired both fear and joy... Read more
Helsinki Biennale
Until 26 September, the Helsinki Biennale is presenting 41 international artists or groups of artists from Finland and around the world. The main exhibition on the island of Vallisaari is being supported by performances, workshops, discussions and other events. Other exhibitions and events are being held in the bay of Töölö, Helsinki's maritime district... Read more
Summer season at the Achillea Gallery in Paros
La galerie Achillea sur l'île de Paros en Grèce présente depuis le 25 juinune exposition ouverte tout l'été dont "Eureka" d'Aki Kuroda... Read more
Opening of the Luma Foundation Tower
Since 26 June, Frank Gehry's tower has been open to the public in Arles. As the flagship of an 11-hectare contemporary art centre founded by Swiss patron Maja Hoffmann, it offers artists new perspectives for creation, collaboration and presentation of their work to the public... Read more
Theatre Festival of Merida
The 67th edition of the Merida International Classical Theatre Festival is being held until the 22nd of August, with 7 plays, 2 concerts and films dedicated to myths and their characters... Read more
Festival of Aix-en-Provence
The Aix-en-Provence Opera and Classical Music Festival is taking place from 30 June to 25 July. Eight new productions and one opera in concert version are on the programme, covering different styles and periods, from the Italian Baroque with Monteverdi, Cavalli and Rossi, to contemporary creations, via Mozart, Wagner, Verdi or Rimsky-Korsakov... Read more

Napoleon's Bicentenary : Napoleonic Legends in Ajaccio
The Palais Fesch-Museum of Fine Arts in Ajaccio is presenting from 2 July to 4 October an exhibition devoted to the various Napoleonic legends: the one built by Napoleon during his lifetime, the popular legend that followed the Napoleonic epic and the romantic one that developed in 19th century literature... Read more

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