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The Letter n°976
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Wednesday 20th April 2022
issue 976
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Reception of Ukrainian refugees. Between emergency responses and long-term solutions
Authors : Ramona Bloj, Stefanie Buzmaniuk
Ramona Bloj, Stefanie Buzmaniuk
More than a quarter of the Ukrainian population has been forced to leave their homes as a result of Russian aggression. Faced with the largest population movement on its territory since the Second World War, Europe quickly implemented a series of humanitarian and refugee reception measures.
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Front page! : Essential Europe
The Russian war in Ukraine and the management of Covid-19 in China once again demonstrate that European integration fosters a more civilised, less violent and more united society. This precious asset is at stake in the French election on 24 April said Jean-Dominique Giuliani, who hopes that the French will take their responsibility into account... Read more

Foundation : Unreservedly European
In his book, Jean-Dominique Giuliani freely addresses his fellow citizens, who must refuse to accept the lies about the European Union while at the same time contributing to its improvement. This book, published by Marie B, is available in paper format on the Foundation's website and in bookshops. Order your copy today!.. Read more
Permanent Atlas of the European Union
To better understand Europe in 2022, the Permanent Atlas of the European Union, published by Marie B Editions, is a unique work that offers a complete and easy-to-access view of the European Union, the euro zone and each of its 27 Member States, complete with numerous maps. It is available in digital format... Read more
European recovery plans: figures and priorities
In response to the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the EU has set up a €672.5 billion recovery fund, called the Recovery and Resilience Facility, for Member States in the form of grants and loans. 24 plans have so far been approved by the Commission, 21 countries have received the planned pre-financing, and 4 countries have received a first instalment after meeting a series of targets, including Italy on 13 April for €21bn. The Commission has not yet approved the Hungarian and Polish plans because of the infringement of the rule of law. The Foundation offers you an interactive map of the plans country by country, showing the amounts, timetables and priorities.. Read more
Map of Health Measures and Travel Conditions in Europe
Most of the health measures put in place during the winter have been lifted. Greece has announced that from 1 May to 31 August it will no longer be compulsory to wear a mask and vaccination certificates will no longer be required in restaurants, bars and shops. To find out what is happening in the Member States, the Foundation provides a comprehensive map of the measures in place. An indispensable, regularly updated resource... Read more

Ukraine-Russia : Volodymir Zelensky speaks to the parliaments
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Lithuanian, Estonian and Korean parliaments. He called on Estonia to promote a complete blockade of Russian banks and an embargo on Russian energy imports in the European Union. "If there is still no clarity on Russian gas, we cannot be sure that there is a common will in Europe to stop Russia's war crimes," he told the Lithuanian Parliament. V. Zelensky also called on South Korea to supply arms to Ukraine... Read more
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Supporting the investigation and prosecution of international crimes committed in Ukraine
On 13 April, the Council adopted a decision amending the mandate of the Civilian Security Sector Reform Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine). Under the amended mandate, EUAM Ukraine will also provide support to the Ukrainian authorities to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of any international crimes committed in the context of Russia's unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine... Read more
The war in Ukraine is weakening the recovery of world trade
The WTO released its outlook for the world economy on 12 April. As a result of the war in Ukraine, which is causing commodity prices to rise, economists have revised world trade estimates downwards, forecasting growth in the volume of merchandise trade of 3% in 2022, compared with 4.7% previously. The lockdowns in China are another factor of economic uncertainty, disrupting maritime trade. The WTO forecasts world GDP growth at market exchange rates of 2.8% in 2022... Read more
20 Russian airlines added to the list of banned companies
The Commission added 20 Russian airlines to the EU Air Safety List on 11 April. 117 airlines, 21 of which are Russian, are now on the list for their status as violating international aviation safety standards... Read more
3.5 billion additional pre-financing for the reception of refugees
On 12 April, the Council adopted a legislative act on the increase of the pre-financing of REACT-EU to facilitate the reception of refugees from Ukraine. An additional €3.5 billion of pre-financing is being made available to Member States hosting refugees... Read more
Additional €500 million to deliver military equipment to Ukraine
To support the Ukrainian armed forces, the Council added €500 million on 13 April to the resources already mobilised under the European Peace Facility, tripling the initial budget to €1.5 billion. The assistance measures agreed upon will finance the supply of equipment, personal protective equipment, fuel and military equipment designed to deliver lethal force for defence purposes to the Ukrainian armed forces by the Member States... Read more
Humanitarian aid for people fleeing Ukraine
On 13 April, the Council introduced humanitarian exceptions to the sanctions in relation to the situation in Ukraine. In particular, certain humanitarian institutions and organisations are exempt from restrictions on economic relations with Donbass. In addition, the Commission has released €9 million from the EU4Health programme to help Member States provide psychological support to displaced persons and refugees in need of rapid psychological care... Read more
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Europol launches an operation targeting criminal assets
Europol launched "Operation Oscar" on 11 April to support Member States' financial investigations targeting criminal assets held by persons subject to EU sanctions in connection with the war in Ukraine. It also aims to support criminal investigations in relation to the circumvention of EU trade and economic sanctions. The operation will facilitate the exchange of information between the partners and mobilise the Frontex and Eurojust agencies... Read more
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Exchange of Ukrainian bank notes
On 13 April, the Council approved a Council Recommendation on the conversion of banknotes denominated in hryvnias into the currency of Member States hosting people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The aim is to allow Ukrainian refugees to convert up to 10,000 hryvnias (about €310) into the currency of their host country free of charge... Read more
Over 870,000 Ukrainians have returned home
In its latest situation report published on 12 April, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced that more than 870,000 Ukrainians have returned to their country, at a rate of almost 30,000 every day. The UN says that 13 million people remain trapped in a conflict zone, 4.7 million have fled Ukraine and it estimates that 7.1 million are internally displaced. 950 schools have also been damaged or destroyed. The UN nevertheless welcomes the nutritional support provided to the most vulnerable populations through its World Food Programme (WFP). It also warns of the risks of trafficking and exploitation faced by women and children... Read more
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OSCE report on war crimes
An OSCE expert mission presented a report on 13 April on violations of humanitarian law and war crimes committed in Ukraine since 24 February, in which it noted "clear patterns of violations of international humanitarian law by Russian forces in the conduct of hostilities". On the same day, representatives of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office and the Council of Europe called on Russia to stop attacking and destroying Ukrainian religious sites and places of worship as these, together with the killing of civilians, constitute crimes against humanity... Read more
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Meeting between Karl Nehammer and Vladimir Putin
On 11 April, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to call for humanitarian corridors in Ukraine, a ceasefire and investigations into war crimes. K. Nehammer said after the meeting that Putin remains in a "logic of war"... Read more
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Visit to Kyiv by the Polish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian Presidents
On 13 April, the Presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland visited the Kyiv region and met their Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. The visit, initiated by Poland, started in Borodianka to witness the material damage and abuses committed by Russia. The four heads of state condemned the war crimes and called for those responsible to be brought to international justice... Read more
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Commission : Increased protection of intellectual property
On 13 April, the Commission tabled a proposal for a regulation to protect the intellectual property of craft and industrial products through European system. The proposal provides for a simple and inexpensive registration procedure for producers wishing to use the geographical indication and guarantees full coordination with existing international protection. The aim is to support the development of rural areas by highlighting the originality and authenticity of traditional practices... Read more
New crisis measures in support of the fishing and aquaculture sector
On 13 April, the Commission proposed measures to support the fisheries and aquaculture sector in dealing with the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Under the European Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMAF), the Commission is proposing financial compensation for additional costs, loss of income and storage of products, as well as for the temporary cessation of fishing activities where their safety is being compromised by the war... Read more
One billion € in support of the protection of the ocean
On 14 April, at the "Our Ocean" conference, the European Union presented its 44 commitments for the protection of the ocean, representing a sum of almost €1 billion. Nearly €500 million will initially be devoted to research, development and innovation. The European Union has made commitments to protect marine areas, to combat maritime pollution and to fight the ocean-climate crisis... Read more

Council : Meeting of European Affairs Ministers
On 12 April, the Ministers for European Affairs met to discuss the situation of the rule of law in Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands and Austria. The countries concerned presented the specificities and developments of their national framework in this area. They also discussed the proposals of the plenary assembly of the Conference on the Future of Europe held on 8 and 9 April... Read more
Management of European Green Bonds
The Council adopted its position on 13 April on the European Green Bond Regulation regarding the introduction of standards for bond issuers who wish to use the name "European Green Bond" or "EuGB". This regulation establishes a registration system and a supervisory framework for external examiners of European green bonds... Read more
Adoption of proposals regarding the supply of medicines from the UK
On 11 April, the Council adopted Commission proposals to ensure the long-term continuity of supply of medicines from the UK to Northern Ireland. The proposal also grants a temporary derogation to Cyprus, Ireland and Malta, valid until 31 December 2024, allowing them to continue to obtain supplies from the UK, if necessary. Ultimately, states are required to reduce the dependence of their markets on medicines coming from or transiting through the UK... Read more
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Diplomacy : Meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers
Foreign Affairs Ministers exchanged views with the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Kha], on 11 April to determine Russia's responsibility for violations of international law in Ukraine. They discussed the Global Gateway, a strategy to make the European Union a geopolitical actor. They discussed the situation in Mali and decided to suspend, or even stop, some of the operations of the EUTM Mali and EUCAP Sahel Mal missions... Read more
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Humanitarian refugee operation in Moldova
In response to the influx of refugees from Ukraine, the European Union deployed humanitarian aid to Moldova on 12 April as part of the European Humanitarian Response Capability to reinforce its emergency response capacity and support its humanitarian partners in the field. The operation involves the provision of a warehouse in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, and the delivery of more than 1,200 tents and 4,000 blankets for people displaced by the conflict... Read more

ECB : New monetary policy decisions
The European Central Bank announced on 14 April that asset purchases are expected to end in the third quarter and that key interest rates will remain unchanged until inflation reaches 2% in the medium term, and not before the end of the asset purchase programme. It also intends to reinvest the repayments of securities purchased under the Emergency Pandemic Purchase Programme until at least 2024. ECB President Christine Lagarde stressed that the war in Ukraine is posing a risk to growth in the euro area... Read more

European Agencies : Hacker forum taken down
On 12 April, Europol announced that it had taken down "RaidForums", one of the largest Internet hacker forums, in cooperation with the Swedish, Romanian, Portuguese, British and American police... Read more
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Finland : Towards a change in strategic posture
On 13 April, the Finnish government published a report on its reflections towards a change of security and defence concept in the wake of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The defence of the country, which shares 1,300 kilometres of border with Russia, is obviously at stake. The document lists the advantages and disadvantages of a possible NATO membership. The decision might be expected within the next few weeks. The Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, discussed the principle with her Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson, on the same day... Read more
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France : Polls one week before the second round
Polls published a week before the second round of the French presidential election on 24 April show incumbent President Emmanuel Macron winning against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. He is expected to get between 53.5 and 54.5% of the vote... Read more
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Slovenia : Polls one week before the legislative elections
According to a poll published on 15 April, the Democratic Party (SDS) of outgoing Prime Minister Janez Jansa is expected to come out on top in the parliamentary elections on 24 April, with 31.6% of the vote, ahead of the Movement for Freedom (26.3%) and the Social Democrats (10.4%)... Read more
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Council of Europe : Reports regarding the protection child refugees
The Council of Europe's Lanzarote Committee, responsible for monitoring the Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, published 10 reports on 13 April to assess the legislation, services and measures put in place by signatory states. It highlights the establishment of support services, such as hotlines for these children. It also notes the efforts made in the fight against cross-border disappearances of children, in particular through training in Austria, Italy and Croatia. The Committee calls on States to improve international cooperation in the prosecution of perpetrators and to ensure that proceedings can be initiated in the absence of a complaint from the victim... Read more

Culture : Solidarity with Ukraine in the world of culture
Cultural events in support of Ukraine continue in Europe. In France, on 23 April, a concert will take place in Mireval. In Germany, the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra is touring starting on 25 April to Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Freiburg, Hanover and Hamburg. In Belgium, all proceeds from the "Merci, Maestro" concert, an international competition for young pianists held from 21 to 24 April, will go to Ukraine. In Spain, on 28 April, the Granada City Council is organising a concert by local artists in association with the Spanish Red Cross. In Poland, the "Free Ukraine" volunteer concert will take place in Warsaw from 24 to 27 April. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd have recorded their first new song since 1994, entitled "Hey Hey Rise Up", the proceeds of which will be donated to humanitarian work for the Ukrainians... Read more
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Sale of art benefits refugees in Warsaw
Until 15 May, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Friends of the Museum and the Ocalenie Foundation invite you to the Refugees Welcome charity art sale, the proceeds of which will go to help refugees... Read more
Marina Abramovic in Kaunas
Until 31 July, the Kaunas Art Museum is offering a retrospective of the work of the artist Marina Abramovic. Organised as part of the "Kaunas 2022, European Capital of Culture" programme, the exhibition retraces the various performances of the Serbian conceptual art pioneer through films and photos... Read more
Retrospective of Gaudi and Maillol at the Orsay Museum
The Musée d'Orsay is presenting a retrospective devoted to the sculptor Aristide Maillol until 31 August, the first in a Parisian museum since the one presented in 1961 at the Musée national d'art moderne. Until July 17, it is also presenting an exhibition on Antonio Gaudí through drawings, models and numerous works of furniture, which have never been exhibited in France before... Read more
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Sculpture in Athens
The MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona in Athens is presenting "In the Sculptor's Studio", an exhibition on contemporary Greek sculpture, until 11 September... Read more
Alfred Kibin at the Leopold Museum
Until 24 July, the Leopold Museum in Vienna is presenting an exhibition on the cartoonist and illustrator Alfred Kubin (1877-1859), whose work, based on the ravages of war, pandemics, natural disasters, manipulation of the masses and other abysses of human existence, seems to be very much in tune with current events... Read more
Antonio Gades in Madrid
The Fernán Gómez de la Villa cultural centre in Madrid is presenting an exhibition on Antonio Gades until 29 May. The dancer and choreographer was a key figure in 20th century dance and theatre. The exhibition includes scores, posters, stage costumes, photographs and audiovisual documents of Gades' work... Read more
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Weaving by Teresa Lanceta in Barcelona
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA) is presenting the exhibition "Teresa Lanceta. Weaving as Open Source", which features a wide selection of tapestries, weavings, fabrics, drawings, photographs and videos, offering the most complete overview of the artist's work from the 1970s to the present day... Read more
Jazz Festival in Espoo
Until 30 April, the 36th edition of Jazz in April is taking place in Espoo, as well as in Helsinki and Tampere with a concert in each city... Read more
Literature Festival in Cambridge
The Cambridge Spring Literary Festival is taking place from 20 to 24 April. A major event in the world of literature, renowned authors are invited to take part in meetings, workshops and conferences on the subject of writing. In all, 45 events celebrating literature are being held across the city... Read more
Venice Biennale
The Venice Biennale, the world's largest event dedicated to contemporary art, will open on 23 April and run until 27 November. The event is divided into three parts. One is dedicated to the national pavilions, of which there are 80. Another section comprises the international pavilion. Finally, a third part, scattered throughout the city, constitutes the "off": galleries and artists gather around the Biennial to display and showcase their work... Read more

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